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Manifest Beauty: Twerk The Energy From Hoping to Knowing

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  • ..Want to experience better health, sleep, and all-around wellbeing feelings?
  • Tired of Triggers?
  • ...Ready to give up repeating those same mistake cycles over and over again?
  • ...Want to hear from someone who has created different circumstances and not just sold catchy headlines?
  • Ready to spend your time living vs remembering to do this or that? 

The Manifest Beauty Series of books are created with the intent of taking the reader on a journey of self-mastery.
We start with the premise that there is more to our minds than previously thought. We do exercises and learn the basics of thoughts are things.
With Manifest Beauty Twerk the Energy, we get into the practical application and day-to-day working of The Energy. How is fully explained. Spoiler alert, you get it all with just the title. Twerk=Dance. More stories, examples, and proof. Get inspired to do the same and more!!
The third book in this series is coming soon!

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Manifest Beauty: Your Life Is The Beauty
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